My Guide to Photography Studios on the Sunshine Coast

Shooting in a studio was something that used to scare me - something about artificial lighting had me convinced it would be too hard and it was only for "real professionals".

But now I know that studio shoots are an awesome way to get creative with lighting, poses and outfits - there's really nothing that's off limits! They're honestly super fun (and surprisingly easy), and I want to do more of them!

This blog is a non-exclusive list of photography studios located here on the Sunshine Coast - we don't have many but the ones we do have are awesome (and if there's any I've missed please let me know!). Please visit their website for most accurate information and up-to date pricing for each location.

I haven't yet had the opportunity to work at all of them, however they all look fantastic and each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

If you're interested in shooting at one of them with me, please fill out the contact form here, I can't wait to hear from you!

The Good Space Studios


Location: Noosaville

Price: $95 hr, minimum 2hrs

Features: Paper backdrop, different indoor settings and props included. Artificial lighting available for an additional fee.

I've had the pleasure of using this space a few times, it's an extremely versatile space for a great price. Perfect for Personal Branding shoots.

Image from my shoot there with

The Space Studios

Instagram @thespace.studios

Location: Noosaville

Price: $240 for 2 hours. Price per hour decreases with increased hire time.

Features: Naturally lit industrial space with a range of funky chairs and props included. Option for paper backdrops or a white cloth backdrop for an additional fee.

This place is seriously cool, and extremely versatile. The chairs are super fun, and the white cotton backdrop is to die for. I've shot here once before and I'm 100% going back again soon!

Image from my shoot there with @pristine.era

Frank X Studios


Location: Warana

Price: $80 hr, minimum 2hrs (more detailed pricing on website)

Features: All lighting, backdrops etc. included! Option for natural or artificially lit spaces.

This studio is at the top of my list of places I want to shoot at soon. It looks seriously cool and I can't wait to check it out.

Image from Instagram

Sun City Gallery & Studio

Instagram @suncitygalleryandstudio

Location: Noosaville

Price: On application

Features: Industrial style studio & photo gallery with paper backdrops available.

I haven't had the opportunity to shoot here yet, however the Industrial vibe is speaking to me! Can't wait to organise a shoot there soon.

Image from @suncitygalleryandstudio Instagram

Instacrew Studio


Location: Mooloolaba

Price: $200 for a half day (4 hours)

Features: Content studio with high-reflecting white walls, white heavy curtains, and lightwood floor. A range of seating, props and a sofa bed included.

I haven't had the opportunity to shoot here yet, however it looks to be a super cute space with some gorgeous natural lighting. Perfect for those on a budget too!

Image from website

Psyche Socials

Instagram @psychesocials

Location: Mons

Price: $75 per hour

Features: White paper backdrop and artificial lighting included.

This space is small but effective - we got some stunning images during my shoot there. Great for those wanting the classic white paper backdrop, perfect for people on a budget too!

Image from my shoot there with @mariah.gardner for @recgen

Any of these places tickle your fancy?

Send me a message and lets get creating!