A creative fashion shoot with Abbey Charlton

Last Saturday my friend Abbey (@abbeyycharlton) and I headed out to Peregian Springs for a creative shoot.

The idea was to focus the shoot around a stool I had from home, and to use the long grass as the backdrop.

Needless to say, the results were awesome (definitely my favourite shoot to date). Check out some of the final shots below!

Outfit 1:

Top: Thrills Co

Jeans: A-Brand

The morning light hitting the long grass was absolutely stunning!

I'm also a sucker for a black and white photo set, I think it complimented the back lighting really well.

Outfit 2

Next outfit change was to this blazer, which worked really well to add some shape and dimension to the poses.

We also tried getting a bit more creative and adventurous with our poses - especially with the stool as a prop. The vibe we were going for was a lot more powerful and sultry to compliment the feel of the blazer.

Outfit 3

We kept the vibe a lot more cute and happy for these poses, to match the floral of the shirt. I love how the orange in the shirt compliments Abbeys hair so well!

Outfit 4:

Last outfit for the morning was this simple black T-shirt. Because the outfit was so simple we needed to get a bit more creative with the poses and angles - I love what we came up with!

Want to create something similar?

Shoot me a message and lets organise something!